Haarlems Dagblad: Achttiende eeuw blijft Teylers’ kracht

Teylers Laatkoppen

Op maandag 18 juni verscheen in het Haarlems Dagblad een recensie van 'De Knetterende Achttiende Eeuw', de jubileumdag van Werkgroep Achttiende Eeuw in Teylers Museum op 16 juni 2018. Journalist Nuel Gieles interviewde me naar aanleiding van mijn objectverhaal over de laatkoppen.


Santorio Fellowship for Medical Humanities

Humours Mixtures Corpuscles

Thanks to the Santorio Fellowship for Medical Humanities and Science, granted by the Institutio Santoriana, Fondazione Comel, I was able to contribute to the Humours, Mixtures, Corpucles conference in Pisa, 18–20 May 2017. My talk was about insensible perspiration, sudorific drugs, and the notion of sharpness in the early modern period.

Opening Markets at the 14th ISECS congress in Rotterdam 2015

Photo: “#ISECS2015 #teabreak.” Empress Of Fashion @emp_of_fashion Jul 27. (consulted 6 August 2015)

It was a truly open market at the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS) congress in Rotterdam, 27-31 July 2015. On and around a thousand scholars from all over the world (delegates from 53 countries!) enjoyed pleasant Dutch summer weather at the recently renovated Erasmus University Campus. They attended keynote lectures, participated in round-table discussions, twittered enthusiastically (#ISECS2015), and engaged in social events, such as cultural excursions and music performances.